Our team, our vision

Efficient & powerful financial algorithms

Crossd is the project of developing efficient financial algorithms for our personal usage and giving a public access to some of them. Developed by a French Ph.D student in Computer Science and a Swiss student in master of Science in Finance, Crossd aims to be a trusted and recognized structure.

We launched this project in early January 2018 and now have our first fully working algorithm, a cryptocurrency arbitrage calculator that we will keep improving by adding exchanges, different features and responding as good as we can to users requests. Later this year we want to release new algorithms only available to faithful users.

We think that restricting the access to our service to a limited amount of members will really improve the quality of our services and the users experience. Learning how to use our tools and acquiring some expertise with them will be really important that is why your feedback will be determinant in the development of our structure and why we want it to keep a small size.

Ultimately we want to create a real investing partnership with Crossd's users and create numerous of powerful tools to help investment decision.