Cryptocurrency Arbitrage Trading Bot

Work in progress

We are working on a crypto arbitrage bot trading automatically for us and exploiting the arbitrage opportunities in the cryptocurrency market. This project was initialized in August 2018 and we are now selecting the best pairs to implement our trading bot. We now have an initial arbitrage bot computing the theoretical earning on a single day of arbitrage trading.

This project is decomposed in 5 major steps

  • 1. Data collection and computation of theoretical daily earning with arbitrage trading on multiple pairs and exchanges
  • 2. Bot development using RTCA algorithm
  • 3. Phase of tests using our funds
  • 4. Crash test using our funds and trying to generate profit
  • 5. Arbitrage fund opening to increase volume

As mentioned above, we still are on the first phase, which is crucial and should take most of the time of this full development process. We will keep you in touch about the development through our social media and would be pleased to discuss with you about it.