- Daily Predictions


Get daily predictions based on Machine Learning for the selected asset

The below algorithm allows you to use machine learning model(s) to make daily prediction on assets. Choose an asset, select the date you want to predict and wait the computation to end to get your output.

Everytime the algorithm has finished working, it delivers a graphic with the prediction.

First graph gives you the probability of positive return, if >=50%, it's a BUY signal.
Second graph is the accuracy of prediction on 30 past trading days, if >= 50%, it starts to be interesting.
Third graph is the accuracy of the prediction on 30 random trading days, if >= 50%, it starts to be interesting.

Color of the graph:
  • GREEN : BUY signal (Prediction: positive return the next day)
  • RED : SELL signal (Prediction: negative return the next day)
  • YELLOW : algorithm found parameters that predict a negative return and parameters that predict positive returns that both worked as well in the backtesting process(30 trading days).

(1) Make sure to select the right date for your prediction. Selecting tomorrow's date while the market is open will result in an ephemeral/incorrecte prediction with the data available.
(2) Predictions are based on a very limited range of parameters due to the performance of the server.
(3) Predictions are based on past historical data and are pure technical analysis.
(4) We use a robust method to get the best parameters but making multiple run may lead to different output. That's normal.
(5) Prediction performance can vary A LOT from an asset to another and from a time to another. Sometimes market is more predictible.

We use machine learning model(s) to try to predict if next day return will be positive or negative. We use enhanced historical data to get relevant information for our algorithm. Predictions are pure technical analysis meaning it doesn't take into account news so be cautious with them.

Predictions seems to work very well on Currency due to the nature of the market. (High volume, lower effect from news, technical analyst settled, etc.)
Ouput give a interesting technical overview but needs to be completed with sentiment and news.
We currently make 5 run with restricted parameters but we will upgrade our server to improve running time and algorithm precision.

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5 last runs history:
Run date Date to predict Asset Output
2021-09-26 21:06 2021-09-27 AUD-USD graph url
2021-10-10 06:09 2021-10-11 GME graph url
2021-10-10 06:23 2021-10-11 GME graph url
2021-10-20 17:26 2021-10-20 Bitcoin graph url
2021-10-23 10:52 2021-10-25 GME graph url