- Portfolio Update

Portfolio Update

Oct. 20, 2023, 4:21 p.m.


Portfolio Link: Crossd Investment
Portfolio at market close:

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This week was a great week for the portfolio since I was able to close most of my NIKKEI225 shorts.

I did a 3.81% of realized return.

I still have 6 positions right now for a total exposition of 6000$

During today's decline, I started opening longs on NASDAQ100 using SQQQ shorts.

This gives a market neutral positioning to my portfolio since Japan & US are very correlated at this level of USD/JPY & Treasuries.

As stated previously, I expect choppy sessions for a while but no massive crash since the FED has a complete control over the yields.
I will try to take advantage of those movements.

The resilience of the market has been very surprising though so I will remain cautious. The fact that I trade ETFs allows me to avoid overtrading. I won't be taking much positions on VIX neither.

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